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  1. Annual Faculty Requests
  2. Travel & Conferences
  3. Projects

UPDATE: The Professional Activities Fund Guidelines and Professional Activities Fund Rubrics were updated for the 2017/2018 year. Please read through them carefully before applying.


General Funding Criteria 

  • The activity:
    • Cannot receive funding through more than one category of PAF.
    • Must be run and organized by students and have a clear goal.
    • Must lie outside the engineering curriculum.
    • Must be directly related to the field of engineering.
    • Must support the professional development of engineering students.
  • PAF does not fund organizations, only activities.

Project-specific Funding Criteria

For the project to be eligible for PAF funding, they must meet the additional following criteria:

  • Project members must consist of at least 75% current engineering students.
  • Must not budget for carryover into future years.
  • Organizations may only be granted funding for up to 5 PAF projects per year.