New Projects

Anything that has not been funded before, with the exception of Travel and Conferences, shall be considered a new project. Applications to run a new project shall be open twice a year, closing at the end of September in Term 1 and the end of September in Term 2. These applications are judged by an 8-member faculty-student Funding Committee which reviews the applications and recommends funding allocations to the PAF Governance Board. The Funding Committee is comprised of:

  • The Associate Dean, Education and Professional Development (ex-officio)
  • Three Faculty members, appointed by the APSC Dean’s Office
  • The EUS VP Finance (ex-officio)
  • Three students-at-large, appointed by the EUS
  • The PAF Coordinator (ex-officio, non-voting)


New Projects are projects that have not received PAF funding in the preceding year, or do not have the 15 members required to meet the Recurring Request criteria. Applications for new projects close twice per year: once in September and once in January.


Funding for New Projects is to be awarded by the Funding Committee, based off the restrictions and guidelines outlined in this document. Decisions will be communicated to applicants no later than 30 business days following the application deadlines. The committee may modify requests as they see fit.


The New Projects category is comprised of the following sub-categories:


Design Projects

Projects are classified as Design Projects if they intend to produce tangible or non-tangible product(s). For projects to qualify, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Groups must have secured a Faculty Advisor
  • Groups must be listed as an Engineering Design Team and be open to new members


Funding for Design Projects shall be based on the lesser of 50% of the project’s budget or the amounts stipulated below:

  • $3,000 for groups with 10 or fewer members
  • $6,000 for groups with more than 10 members
  • Groups travelling for a competition may receive up to an additional $1,500 to subsidize transportation cost


PD Sessions

PAF funds Professional Development Sessions that aim to advance students’ knowledge and skills. Examples of past sessions include networking nights and seminar series.
Funding shall be awarded based on the following guidelines:

  • PAF Funding shall not exceed 70% of the project’s budget
  • Food shall be subsidized at a rate of $6/expected engineering attendee (students and industry). Attendance numbers should be briefly justified.
  • The lesser of $500 or 70% of the costs for venue and associate venue fees (table, chairs, etc.)
  • Thank you gifts for speakers will be subsidized up to $50



Other projects are those that do not fall into the above two categories. Funding for these projects is awarded based on the discretion of the funding committee, and should fall in line with past funding given to similar projects. The committee shall use the following guidelines when awarding funding:

  • Funding should be appropriate for the number of UBC Engineering benefitting from this professional development experience.
  • Funding shall not exceed the lesser of 50% of the project’s budget or $10,000.


Submit the following application to before October 21 at 11:59 pm for Term 1 projects or before January 31 at 11:59 pm for Term 2 projects.

2016-17 New Project Application