There are 3 types of Projects: Design Projects, PD Opportunities, and Other. The project category encompasses everything that falls outside of Travel and Conferences. Please read through each sub-section to determine which type of project you are conducting. All projects must meet the funding criteria outlined below. Design Projects have additional funding criteria.

Applications for projects are reviewed twice per year: once in September and once in January.

Funding for Projects is awarded by the Funding Committee, based on the restrictions and guidelines outlined in this document. The committee may modify requests as they see fit.

Funding Criteria

Design Project

Professional Development Opportunities


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Funding Criteria

For projects to be eligible for PAF funding, they must meet the following criteria:

  • The project:
    • Cannot receive funding through other categories of PAF.
    • Must be run and organized by students and have a clear goal.
    • Must lie outside the engineering curriculum.
    • Must be directly related to the field of engineering.
    • Must support the professional development of engineering students.
  • Project members must consist of at least 75% current engineering students.
  • Must not budget for carryover into future years.

The following restrictions apply to organizations:

  • PAF does not fund organizations, only projects.
  • Organizations may only be granted funding for up to 5 PAF projects per year.


Design Projects

Design Project PAF funding is intended for groups that meet, along with the aforementioned project criteria, the following additional criteria:

  • Groups must be registered as an Engineering Design Team and be open to new members
  • Groups must have secured a Faculty Advisor
  • Groups cannot receive more than $20,0000
  • Groups cannot receive funding for more than 5 projects

Groups may apply for multiple PAF Design Project funding, however, each Design Project must be/ contain a single distinct physical item. To remain distinct, the item cannot be a part of a final larger piece.


Not separate projects:

  • A brake system and a chassis
  • Subsystems of a car going towards building the same car.

Accepted separate projects

  • Two separate cars
  • Respiratory rate monitor and a phototherapy monitor

Funding for Design Projects shall be the lesser of the following:

    1. 50% of the project’s budget OR
    2. the amounts stipulated below:
      • $3,000 for projects with fewer than 15 members
      • $6,000 for projects with 15 or more members and a budget under $35, 000.
      • $9,000 for projects with 15 or more members and a budget of $35, 000 or greater
      • Groups travelling for a competition may receive up to an additional $3, 000 to subsidize transportation cost. The additional amount cannot also exceed 50% of the competition budget.


Professional Development (PD) Opportunities

PAF funds Professional Development opportunities that aim to advance students’ knowledge and skills. Examples of past sessions include networking nights and seminar series.

Funding shall be awarded based on the following guidelines:

  • PAF Funding shall not exceed 70% of the project’s budget
  • Food shall be subsidized at a rate of $6/expected engineering attendee (students and industry). Attendance numbers should be briefly justified.
  • The lesser of $500 or 70% of the costs for venue and associate venue fees (table, chairs, etc.)
  • Thank you gifts for speakers will be subsidized up to $50 per speaker



Other projects are those that do not fall into the above two categories. Funding for these projects is awarded based on the discretion of the funding committee, and should fall in line with past funding given to similar projects.

The committee uses the following guidelines when awarding funding:

  • Funding should be appropriate for the number of UBC Engineering students benefitting from this professional development experience.
  • Funding shall not exceed the lesser of 50% of the project’s budget or $10,000.


How to APPLY

  1. Download the “PAF PROJECT APPLICATION“.
  2. Complete the document.
  3. Fill out the online form below and attach the aforementioned document.
  4. Click “Submit” and check your email inbox for a confirmation email.

Applications for Projects are open until September 21, 2018.