Travel & Conferences

This funding category is for travel and conference requests, including field trips. Approvals will be on an ongoing basis by the EUS VP Finance and PAF Coordinator. As long as the conference or travel request is related to the mission of PAF, applicants will receive up to the amount of funding as per the Travel and Conferences funding guidelines. The application must be submitted at least one week prior to departure.



Travel and Conference funding is available for individuals and groups attending conferences. Funding is awarded on a per-person basis, as per the guidelines below. If you are hosting a conference, please apply to the New Projects or Recurring Student Requests categories.


This funding category is divided into two sub-categories:


Representative: Students shall apply to this category if one of their key purposes is representing UBC Engineering in an independently organized event. Examples of funding which would fall under this category include participation in a competition, voting on behalf of UBC-Vancouver, or presenting research at a conference.


Non-Representative: This category is for students seeking professional development and learning opportunities as a participant, whether through trips, conferences, or other means. Examples include Graduation Field Trips and National Conferences.


TRAVEL Funding is allocated based on the region of travel, up to the maximum amounts below:
Region 1 – BC and WA $50/student $25/student
Region 2 – Western Area* $150/student $75/student
Region 3 – North America $300/student $100/student
Region 4 – International $500/student $125/student

Accommodation is subsidized for the lesser of 7 nights or the minimum duration of the conference or trip.

NOTE: PAF does not fund meal costs. Accommodation will not be funded for local conferences.

  $20/student/night $20/student/night
CONFERENCE FEES PAF will subsidize 50% of conference fees, up to the maximum below. If fees include accommodation, the maximum is increased by the appropriate Accommodation amount.
  $100 $100
MAXIMUM FUNDING PAF Funding shall not exceed the indicated percentage of the trip’s budget.
  70% 40%

* The Western Area comprises of AB, SK, MB, OR, CA, MT, ID, WY, NV, UT, AZ



Travel & Conferences applications are accepted on an on-going basis, and approved at the discretion of the PAF coordinator and EUS VP Finance.

2016-17 Travel & Conferences Application