Student Projects 2012-13

Engineers Without Borders Junior Fellowship

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is committed to ending extreme poverty in Africa by working with local partners to implement systemic changes. As part of this mission, the UBC chapter sends one or two students overseas each summer to work as Junior Fellows (JFs). These students work as volunteers to build capacity within local organizations including governments, nongovernmental organizations and socially conscious private businesses. In 2013 we placed two JFs on the Business Development Team in Zambia.

UBC iGEM 2013

This year our team hopes to modify the key bacteria responsible for creating yogurt such that it produces cinnamon, vanilla, caffeine and is protected from common viral infections that wipe out whole batches of yogurt production; a common problem in the dairy industry. Cinnamon is known to produce anti-diabetic effects in addition to its flavouring effect. Thus our yogurt would not only provide an industrial advantage but it could be a potential therapeutic for the type two diabetes epidemic sweeping North America.
Part of the UBC iGEM project is to determine the impact our project would have on society. We are creating study to determine how consumers view genetically modified organisms and how this influences their purchasing habits. Furthermore, we would like to determine if these purchasing habits can be changed by informing consumers on the benefits of GMO’s and comparing our new product to GMO’s that are popular among consumers.
Finally we would like to compare and contrast the views of everyday consumers with those of different faculty members who study food science, philosophy, and microbiology to determine if those with expertise in the field share the same views on GMO’s as the public. With the results, we hope to conduct a factorial design to model a marketing strategy for our GMO yogurt.

IGEN Industry Night

The Integrated Engineering Program students showcased design projects that they had been working on during the entire winter session to Professors, Staff, Industry members, Friends, and Family.

Geological Engineering Alumni Dinner

The annual alumni dinner brings together Georox Alumni, professors and students for an evening of technical talks, good food and networking. It sells out every year and is an important event that keeps the link between Georox students and alumni strong.

Geological Engineering Distinguished Lecture

The annual Georox Distinguished Lecture brings in industry leaders in the field of geological engineering to give lectures about major projects and technical advancements they have worked on. The event is catered and Georox partners with the Vancouver Geotechnical Society in order to ensure both student and industry involvement in the event.


The UBC Thunderbird Toastmasters provides a supportive, non-judgmental environment for UBC Applied Science students and the greater UBC community to develop public speaking and leadership skills. Membership is open to the public but the earlier day of the week, time, duration and focus of the meeting caters to engineering students.

Engineering Student Teams Council

The Engineering Student Team Council (ESTC) is a 100% student lead umbrella group for all Engineering Student Teams. Our objective is to foster the development of new teams, support existing teams and to enable enhanced collaboration between all teams by providing access to resources, increased communication and a cohesive voice.