Field Trips

Field Trips is a funding category that helps engineering students subsidize travel-related expenses for non-curricular, student-run field trips both within Canada and abroad.

Field trip funding is allocated based on the region of travel:

  • $200/student for local events (e.g. Metro Vancouver & Fraser Valley Region)
  • $400/student for non-local but western area (e.g. BC, AB, SASK, MAN, WA, OR)
  • $600/student for eastern and international events

Final Reports


2016 Integrated Engineering Grad Trip

This year, the Integrated Engineering graduating class had the remarkable opportunity to visit Oahu, Hawaii as their annual experiential grad trip. Hawaii’s isolated environment provides an unique opportunity to study it’s energy infrastructure and the role of sustainability. IGEN grads also had chance to lecture at several local highschools to provide insight on studying engineering and the industry as a whole.

2016 UBC Mining Graduate Research Trip

In May 2016, 36 students travelled to Chile to observe and learn from the Chilean mining culture. For most students, this was their first experience of mining outside of North America. Visiting Chile provided an opportunity to learn from the largest copper producers worldwide. As the Northwest of B.C. is on the verge of a copper production boom, lessons learned directly benefited the future of B.C.’s mining industry in terms of workplace safety and sustainable resource extraction. The students visited five mines over the course of the trip. While in Santiago, students visited the high altitude Andina mine located more than 3000m above sea level and had to undergo high altitude medical examinations before the trip departed. After touring the city, the Universidad de Chile, and the presidential palace, students traveled north to Antofagasta and were given an in depth tour of Finning, the worlds largest supplier of caterpillar equipment. Once concluded, the travelers moved to San Pedro de Atacama for a couple of days rest. The back end of the research trip included 4 mine visits to Spence, Chuquicamata, Sierra Gorda, and Centinela.

2017 CHBE Global Outreach & Perspectives Project

This project took place in Puerto Vallarta, Jal . Mexico in February 2017 and included both educational and outreach elements. Students toured both water treatment and wastewater treatment facilities with SEAPAL Vallarta. Students also participated in a presentation at a local high school, El Instituto Anglo de Puerto Vallarta.

4th Year Materials Engineering Field Trip

The 4th year field trip to the Seattle area offers Materials Engineering students the chance to explore career options in the area and helps students create even more bonds with their classmates.

4th Year Materials Engineering Seattle Trip

This annual trip to Seattle is an opportunity for 4th year Materials Engineering students to further their understanding of just what it means to be an engineer in industry and academia. Students return with a better idea of just what they want to pursue upon graduation.

ASME Boeing and MTM Tour

The UBC Student Section of ASME provided an opportunity for 40 students to attend a technical tour of Mobile Tool Management and the Boeing Factory in Washington. Students met a UBC APSC alumnus working as managing engineer at MTM and learned about Boeing’s history and the aerospace industry.

Chemical and Biological Engineering Industry Tour and Graduation Trip

The CHBE Student Council organized an informative end-of-year field trip for the CHBE graduating class of 2016. The trip included a site tour of the Capilano Water Treatment Plant and provided students with an opportunity to see chemical engineering principles applied in a real world setting. It also included a 2 night long camping trip which spanned from April 29-May 1. The trip was informative and commemorated the graduating class of 2016.

Civil Engineering Field Trip

The Civil Engineering Graduating Class of 2016 organized a field trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to tour municipal water treatment and wastewater treatment facilities managed by SEAPAL Vallarta. Through these tours, students gained a better understanding of engineering practices outside of Canada.

Civil Engineering Graduation Trip

The Civil Engineering Graduating Class of 2017 organized a field trip to Jalisco, Mexico's provincial-equivalent water and wastewater treatment facilities. They also participated in an architectural tour in Puerto Vallarta with a well-known architectural professor from their local university. Through these tours, participants gained a better understanding of engineering practices, facilities, and systems outside of Canada. The purpose of this tour is to broaden the participant;s knowledge and perspective of Civil Engineering systems. The graduating class achieved an understanding of how engineering complexity and practices differ between Canada and Mexico. The tours exposed the students to design, construction, and management practices outside of Canada. They learned about the importance of sustainable and global leadership engineering from this international tour as well.

Civil Engineering Portland Tour

Students in Transportation Engineering and Planning (STEP) from Portland State University (PSU) in Portland, Oregon invited Civil Engineering students from UBC for a day-long tour of the City of Portland. The invitation is to target Civil Engineering students who are interested in Transportation or Municipal Engineering. The ultimate goal of the tour is to learn more about the City’s transportation infrastructures, systems, and network and other municipal infrastructures. Civil Engineering Club (CEC) and Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) are co-facilitating this event and we are seeking for sponsorship from PAF. We believe that this tour will deliver a strong inspiration to our students in incorporating sustainability in infrastructure design – it may be in the professional industry or when tackling design projects. Portland is an ideal learning setting because of its advancement in the transportation, municipal and sustainability engineering.

ECESS Seattle Trip 2015

ECESS’ annual trip to Seattle. This year, we toured Microsoft, Techstars, Amazon and Boeing with 40 of our students.

Engineering Physics Grad Trip 2016

This is Fizz’s first grad trip to San Francisco. This trip provided an opportunity to visit top universities such as Stanford and UC Berkeley, as well as the innovative software and robotic surgical systems companies Google and Intuitive Surgical.

Engineering Physics Graduation Trip 2017

This is Fizz’s second grad trip to the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area. This trip provided 4th and 5th year Engineering Physics students with the opportunity to visit top-tier research universities and cutting edge tech companies such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, Google, and Iris Automation.

Fizz Seminar Series 2016

The Fizz Seminar Series was a series of lectures provided by volunteer professors, graduate students, and industry professionals in areas of their expertise, with subject matter geared towards the research & industry interests of ENPH students. Topics included Quantum Computing Research, Geophysical Mapping Technologies, Robotics, Astronomy, Philosophy of Science, and many others.

GeoRox Field Trip Term 1

The Geological Engineering team organizes one overnight educational field trip per year. This year we went to visit the Upper Lillooet Hydro Electric Project for a site tour.

GeoRox Field Trip Term 2

Apart from our annual overnight field trip in term 1, GeoRox organizes a shorter day trip in term 2. For this year’s day trip a geohazard tour of North Vancouver was organized.

GeoRox Graduation Trip

Every year GeoRox organizes a trip for the graduating class, and this year was to Costa Rica.

GeoRox Graduation Trip

On February 18-27, 2017, 12 upper year geological engineering (GEOE) students travelled to Spain to celebrate their achievements and learn about international geological engineering practice. The students rented cars and drove through the southern region of Spain, staying in hostels along the way. Organized educational activities included a tour of a tunnel boring machine in Barcelona and a tour of the Rio Tinto mine park in Andalucia. Students also stopped at various cultural sites along the way, including the Sagrada Familia and Alhambra of Granada.

GeoRox Term 2 Field Trip

On March 25th – 26th, 2017, 35 geological engineering students visited the Hope Slide, Debris Flow Creek, and the Staves Fall Dam. The Othello tunnels were closed for the shoulder season so students were alternatively able to benefit from a tour of the Staves Fall Dam. Students stayed overnight at the Manning Park Resort and travelled between site via student drivers. Professors Dr. Scott McDougall and Dr. Erik Eberhardt accompanied students on the trip to provide insight on the sites visited and impart words of wisdom.

IEEE Japan Field Trip

The event was a planned two week international field trip to Japan, with the primary goal of visiting Japanese technology organizations (companies, universities, government agencies etc.) Participants would have gone on site tours of these organizations, seen the technical facilities and met with engineers and managers who work there.

Materials Engineering 3rd Year Field Trip

This 3rd year field trip gives materials engineering students a chance to see industrial and academic applications of their degree being applied in the Toronto area. Companies and research institutions that we toured include Liburdi Engineering, Magna International Inc, Vale Inco Port Colborn Mine, CanMet and McMaster University. The Toronto area provides a great opportunity for young engineers to start their careers and being able to tour the industrial and academic opportunities available would be fantastic for all third year materials engineering students.

Mining Grad Research Trip 2017

The annual UBC Mining Graduate Research Trip has been a tradition in our department since 2005. Since the first trip to Brazil, students have been all over the world to places like China, Australia, and Indonesia. The goal of these trips is to learn about mining challenges, opportunities, and solutions in a culture other than our own. As we believe mining to be a truly global industry, we hope to take these experiences and apply them throughout our careers. This year we chose South Africa and Botswana for many reasons. This included the diversity and wealth of mineral deposits in the area, the vastly different culture to our own in Canada, and the opportunity to learn about a part of the world we have never seen.

National Model United Nations 2016, New York City

The Model UN experience helps educate and inform students about the relationship between community and international issues, and teaches them a great deal about the need for collaboration in resolving the major issues of contemporary affairs. NMUN-New York City is the ultimate embodiment of this concept of an interdisciplinary, intercultural, and transformative learning opportunity, as it attracts over 6,000 students from countries all over the world.

UBC IEEE Germany and Italy International Field Trip 2016

This international field trip provides a unique opportunity for engineering students to visit some of the most advanced companies around the world. These visits help students learn more about technology, creative design and professional engineering in their future careers, along with opportunities to build their international network in different industries.

UBC Thunderbots

UBC Thunderbots is a student-driven engineering design team that designs, prototypes and builds autonomous soccer-playing robots to compete in the annual RoboCup conference. Our team’s goal is to enhance our members’ technical and team management skills through hands-on development experience and establishing connections with like-minded individuals in the engineering and UBC community.