Travel and Conferences

Travel and Conferences is a funding category that supports student participation in conferences and to help subsidize travel-related expenses for competitions, exhibitions, and meetings. Funding is allocated three times per academic year.

Travel and Conferences funding is allocated based on the region of travel:

  • $200/student for local events (e.g. Metro Vancouver & Fraser Valley Region)
  • $400/student for non-local but western area (e.g. BC, AB, SASK, MAN, WA, OR)
  • $600/student for eastern and international events

Final Reports


2015 Grace Hopper Conference: The Quest for Diversity Solutions and Celebrating Women in Computing

The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing brings together women and men from across the globe and every facet of the computing industry to gather and share their personal and professional experiences regarding gender diversity at one of the largest technical conferences in the world.

2016 SME Annual Conference & Expo

The SME (Society for Mining, Metallurgy, and Exploration) Annual Conference is a four-day interdisciplinary educational experience including a three-day technical session program that attracts thousands of international mining professionals. The conference ran from February 21-24, 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference recognizes that students are the future of the mining industry and offers several events to connect with other students and industry leaders from around the world.

65th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

The Chemical and Biological Engineering Undergraduate Council sent a delegate this year to attend the 65th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference in Calgary, Alberta. The theme for the 2015 conference is:” Shaping Energy Technology for the Future” where over 1000 national and international chemical engineering researchers presented.

66th Annual Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

The annual Canadian Society of Chemical Engineering Conference is an opportunity to meet and share ideas with industry professionals and other chemical engineering students. It is also a chance to learn about new research, new technologies and the industry in general and it allows to broaden professional network and represent UBC’s programs and research fields.


The APEGBC Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting serves as a professional development and networking event for members, government representatives, industry professionals and students alike. The conference featured both business and technical sessions, which will include topics such as management, young professionalism, climate change and better business.

APEGBC Annual General Meeting

APEGBC regulates and governs the engineering profession in BC, and many UBC Engineering graduates will work closely with the organization or another provincial equivalent through their careers. Students attend the AGM in order to build their experience in the organization and develop the connection between education and industry.

Canadian Engineering Competition

CEC provides an opportunity for UBC Engineers to showcase their skills in a high level national competition, and allows networking and community building among today’s engineering students. Students are challenged to apply their knowledge and build upon what they have learned in class.

Canadian Engineering Competition 2016

The Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC) brings together the most innovative and creative engineering undergraduate students from universities across Canada each year. The competition was hosted by McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Ten UBC students earned their spot at this year’s competition by demonstrating their abilities at the Western Engineering Competition.

Canadian Federation of Engineering Students Spring and Summer Meetings 2017

This project is supporting Jakob Gattinger as the Board of Directors Chair for the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES). As chair, I run meetings of the Board and chair plenary sessions of the Federation.

CFES Conference on Diversity in Engineering 2015

The inaugural Conference on Diversity in Engineering (CDE), organized by the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) was hosted in Waterloo by the University of Waterloo from November 13th to 15th. This conference brings over 150 student leaders from across Canada together to discuss diversity, careers, and outreach in engineering.

CFES Congress 2016

Congress is the annual general meeting for the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) with representatives from approximately forty schools. The weeklong conference features workshops that aim to improve student societies and their impact. Congress acts as a forum to share best practices and vote in an official plenary session.

CFES Presidents’ Meeting 2015

The UBC Engineering Undergraduate Society had the pleasure of hosting the 2015 Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) Presidents' Meeting (PM). This conference brought representatives of the 41 member schools from across Canada together to share the best practices of their engineering student societies and to prepare for the CFES Congress.

Conference on Diversity in Engineering

As engineering becomes a more global profession, it is important to encourage and educate about the strengths of diversity. Sending a delegation of UBC Engineers to the Conference on Diversity in Engineering facilitates an understanding of diversity in their community and an appreciation of diversity in their future careers.

Engineers Without Borders National Conference

The 2016 Engineers Without Borders National Conference took place in Hamilton, Ontario from January 15-17, 2016. This event brought together students and professionals from across Canada for discussions on international development, systemic change, and EWB’s initiatives. During this three-day conference, EWB members will be able to share, learn, and work together with EWB’s overseas staff, in-Canada staff, the board of directors, and chapters as well as members of other development organizations and engineering industry professionals. The theme was xChange: Economy and Sustainable Development, Public Service and Active Citizenship, Engineering and Society, and Root Causes of Poverty. The conference focused on examining how leadership, entrepreneurship and partnership can be best leveraged in development contexts. The conference served as a collision space by bringing together individuals from a variety of organizations, industries and backgrounds and facilitating the formation of projects and partnerships.

Engineers Without Borders National Conference 2017

The Engineers Without Borders National Conference is the heartbeat of the organization. The conference brings together likeminded individuals to share knowledge, be inspired, and open their minds to new possibilities in order to strive for a world without poverty and inequality.

Think Engineering

Think Engineering is an annual networking dinner that connects UBC engineering students with industry representatives. This event is dedicated to developing networking and communication skills of a significant segment of the student body in electrical and computer engineering. In addition it provides valuable insight from professional engineers and industry leaders.

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UBC Africa Business Club

The project was to attend the Harvard Africa Business Conference in Cambridge, USA. As Technology & Infrastructure co-chairs for the inaugural UBC African Business Forum (ABF) our focus was on the intersection of technology (engineering) and business. The purpose of attending the conference was to forge connections with Harvard students and bring teachings back in order to further the UBC African Business Forum.

UBC Civil Engineering Alumni Dinner

The UBC Civil Engineering Alumni Dinner aims to bridge the gap between students and alumni by providing a platform where they can network and engage with each other. The event comprised of a 3-course dinner, recognition of student teams and student leaders, and featured keynote speaker Lianna Mah, P.Eng., VP Business Development of Associated Engineering

UBC EERI Seismic Design Competition Team

UBC EERI Seismic Design Team is a student run club that designs, builds, and tests a balsa wood model of a 23 storey skyscraper. Our mission is to promote the importance and understanding of earthquake risk, impact and structural design to the Engineering Undergraduate community.

WESST Annual General Meeting and Retreat 2015

WESST is an alliance of thirteen undergraduate engineering students' societies across the Western Canadian provinces. The WESST AGM and Retreat (AGMR) serves to bring its members together for workshops and discussions on engineering student life. The EUS President attended this meeting to share ideas and information with other members.

WESST Executives’ Meeting 2016

WESST is an alliance of thirteen undergraduate engineering students' societies across the Western Canadian provinces, together representing over 18,000 students. The WESST Executives' Meeting (EM) is an annual leadership conference that draws newly elected and outgoing executives from the member schools. This unique membership opportunity helps societies grow and transition.

Western Engineering Competition

UBC takes pride in incorporating design education into all aspects of the engineering curriculum. WEC allows students the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned in class, and showcases the strengths of UBC Engineers to other Western engineering schools.

Western Engineering Competition 2016

Each year, UBC sends some of its brightest students to compete at the Western Engineering Competition (WEC). This year’s competition at UBC - Okanagan hosted students from 13 schools in Western Canada to compete in one of seven categories. Three of our teams ranked in three of these categories.