Travel and Conferences

Travel and Conferences is a funding category that supports student participation in conferences and to help subsidize travel-related expenses for competitions, exhibitions, and meetings. Funding is allocated three times per academic year.

Final Reports


2017 CSCE Annual Conference

The annual conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) occurred in Vancouver for the 2017 year. This gave the UBC Student Chapter the opportunity to send members to take part in the many technical seminars, workshops, and networking events over the three days of the conference.

2017 ETH Zurich Sustainability Summer School

The event is a seminar-style summer school stretched over 9 days in the Swiss Alps from 01 to 11 July, 2017. It is aimed to give an interdisciplinary understanding on mountain forests and risk management from the scientific, engineering and the social perspectives.

2017 ITE/CITE Annual Meeting and Traffic Bowl

The 2017 Annual Meeting and Exhibit took place in Toronto from July 30th to August 2nd with a theme of “Transportation for All.” This included technical seminars throughout the daytime and social events in the evenings, as well as a the Traffic Bowl, a Jeopardy-like competition for student teams.

2018 SME Conference and Expo

The 2018 SME Annual Conference took place on February 25-28 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, consisting of technical sessions and a trade show which attracts mining professionals worldwide. Recognizing students as the future of the mining industry, SME offers social functions for students to connect with each other and industry leaders.

66th Annual Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

The annual Canadian Society of Chemical Engineering Conference is an opportunity to meet and share ideas with industry professionals and other chemical engineering students. It is also a chance to learn about new research, new technologies and the industry in general and it allows to broaden professional network and represent UBC’s programs and research fields.

Alpha Omega Epsilon Convention 2017

This convention is the annual gathering of members of Alpha Omega Epsilon, a professional engineering and technical science sorority. The purposes of the convention are professional development, administration and networking with female STEM students and graduates from across North America.


The APEGBC Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting serves as a professional development and networking event for members, government representatives, industry professionals and students alike. The conference featured both business and technical sessions, which will include topics such as management, young professionalism, climate change and better business.

APEGBC Annual General Meeting

APEGBC regulates and governs the engineering profession in BC, and many UBC Engineering graduates will work closely with the organization or another provincial equivalent through their careers. Students attend the AGM in order to build their experience in the organization and develop the connection between education and industry.

ASCE Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders

The ASCE Workshop for Student Chapter Leaders is an annual professional development workshop to provide civil engineering students with opportunities to enhance leadership and team-building skills through seminars and networking sessions.

Canadian Engineering Competition

CEC provides an opportunity for UBC Engineers to showcase their skills in a high level national competition, and allows networking and community building among today’s engineering students. Students are challenged to apply their knowledge and build upon what they have learned in class.

Canadian Federation of Engineering Students Spring and Summer Meetings 2017

This project is supporting Jakob Gattinger as the Board of Directors Chair for the Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES). As chair, I run meetings of the Board and chair plenary sessions of the Federation.

Canadian Mining Games

The UBC Mining Games Team competes annually in the academic and technical competition of the Canadian Mining Games. The Canadian Mining Games bring together ten mining schools in Canada, over three days, to compete in twenty-five different events that vary from equipment handling, exam packages, and sustainability challenges. In 2018, the competitions were held from February 22nd- 25th in Kingston at Queen’s University. Sixteen delegates from each school attended the games and competed in a variety of events. This year, the team received over thirty-five applications and selected the best and brightest students ranging from 2nd to 4th year to represent UBC at the 2017 Games.

Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference 2017

The 2017 Canadian Undergraduate Mathematics Conference was held in Montreal from July 19th to 23rd. This annual conference offers undergraduates the opportunity to present their research, get introduced to a wide range of topics and network with like minded students and professors. The program included student talks, keynote speakers and a women in mathematics talk and panel discussion.


The Canadian Federation of Engineering Students (CFES) President’s Meeting (PM) was hosted by Simon Fraser University (Burnaby) between September 22 – 24, 2017. The retreat portion from Friday to Saturday was held at Camp Jubilee followed by the plenary portion in downtown Vancouver. PM is called by the CFES President to bring together representatives of all 41-member schools from across Canada. This meeting is an update on all of the work the CFES Executives have been doing as well as to vote on motions and mandate more work from the CFES in preparation for CFES Congress.

Conference on Diversity in Engineering

As engineering becomes a more global profession, it is important to encourage and educate about the strengths of diversity. Sending a delegation of UBC Engineers to the Conference on Diversity in Engineering facilitates an understanding of diversity in their community and an appreciation of diversity in their future careers.

EGBC Annual Conference and AGM

The EGBC AGM offers an opportunity for engineering students to gain insight into the values and principles of their future profession. This conference offers professional development sessions, a tradeshow, and networking opportunities to both students and practicing engineers. Its purpose is to provide members with the opportunity to connect with other professional engineers, geoscientists, government representatives, industry leaders, consultants, sponsors, and exhibitors.

Engineers Without Borders National Conference 2017

The Engineers Without Borders National Conference is the heartbeat of the organization. The conference brings together likeminded individuals to share knowledge, be inspired, and open their minds to new possibilities in order to strive for a world without poverty and inequality.


HackPrinceton is an event at which teams can create both software and hardware projects. It offers an environment for students to learn new skills and technologies, attend workshops, and meet other developers and designers. They also provide mentors to assist teams with any challenges they encounter while developing their projects.

Polyglot Unconference

A conference with topics proposed and voted for by participants in which the goal is to learn from each other and discuss common software problems across languages.

Student Trip to the 2016 MINExpo in Las Vegas

The 2016 MINExpo is the world's largest mining conference hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada. This three day event includes a large trade show featuring mining companies from all over the world showcasing their latest technologies, many education seminars on a wide variety of topics, as well as the chance to network with industry professionals at events hosted all around Las Vegas.

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UBC Civil Engineering Alumni Dinner

The UBC Civil Engineering Alumni Dinner aims to bridge the gap between students and alumni by providing a platform where they can network and engage with each other. The event comprised of a 3-course dinner, recognition of student teams and student leaders, and featured keynote speaker Lianna Mah, P.Eng., VP Business Development of Associated Engineering

UBC Mining Games

The UBC Mining Games Team competes annually in the academic and technical competition of the Canadian Mining Games. The Canadian Mining Games bring together ten Canadian mining schools, over three days, to compete in twenty-five different events that vary from equipment handling, exam packages, to crisis management and sustainability challenges. In 2017, the competitions were held Feb 23-26 in Toronto, at the University of Toronto.

Western Engineering Competition

UBC takes pride in incorporating design education into all aspects of the engineering curriculum. WEC allows students the opportunity to apply the skills they have learned in class, and showcases the strengths of UBC Engineers to other Western engineering schools.