Projects, Field Trips, & Student Teams

Funding Guidelines

Student applicants MUST meet eligibility regulations as listed in Eligibility.

Student Teams Only: If awarded PAF funds specific to working in the designated ESTC workshop, the Engineering Design Centre (EDC), or other faculty-provided space, student team members must ensure they follow appropriate safety measures and partake in the training required to utilize that space. If no training is available, the student team captain, faculty advisor, and ESTC Chair must be notified immediately for appropriate training to be provided.

Guidelines for Advisory Committee:

The PAF Advisory Committee relies on guidelines to assist with funding decisions.  This makes the fund more predictable.  It also allows the feedback of students in the current year to improve the distribution of funds in the next year.  The guidelines are the primary mechanism for passing on that feedback from year to year.

The PAF Advisory Committee is free to make any recommendation or decision it feels appropriate as long as the General PAF Funding Criteria above are followed. The Committee utilizes the Scoring-Rubric as a guide in its decision making process.

Based on student and faculty feedback, please refer to the most recent edition of the Professional Activities Fund Guidelines, as well as the Student Safety Abroad Policy (161KB PDF).

Please note:

  • All applications must be submitted online.
  • Applications will not be accepted after the deadline.
  • Engineering student team applications must include expected travel costs in the Projects application, and not in a separate application to the Travel & Conferences committee.