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How the program has supported you

Funding from PAF allowed SPD to purchase catering for Pro Bono Professionis, which enhanced the event as a whole. It is our belief that the food bought with the funding from PAF increased our attendance to the event. Without PAF funding, the event would not have been such a success.


The following speakers were present at Pro Bono Professionis, speaking on the topics included below:

Aaron Bailey, 105th AMS President, on using student leadership to grow as a professional
Don Ehrenholz, UBC BASc 1981 and EUS President 1981, on transitioning from a BASc to a PENG
Dr Elizabeth Croft, Associate Dean Education and Professional Development Using Graduate School to Advance your Career
Neil Snowball, Project Manager with AECOM, on Ports Engineering and working internationally.

These speakers provided a breadth of knowledge not seen at many professional development events, and touched on numerous topics that spoke to a wide range of individuals with different interests.