Skookumchuck Mk. III: Design & Fabrication (SUBC)

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SUBC’s objective is to provide students with the opportunity to grow and develop as future engineers and managers, by exposing them to hands-on project experience. With PAF’s support, we were able to justifiably expand our team in size, and finance a greater number of projects.

The additional project that we added this year was the construction of a new hull to compete with in the European International Submarine Races. The two competitions that SUBC attends runs every two years and require for a new hull to be raced at the respective competitions. PAF has allowed us to implement innovative designs for mount points in the hull. We are also using carbon fibres as a composite material this year, an unprecedented method for SUBC offering many learning opportunities. With continued support from PAF, we are confident that we can continue to compete on an annual basis.


Our team worked throughout the year to provide our members with a unique and engaging student team experience. The team is always looking for innovative ways to transfer our in-class engineering knowledge to real world application. With our new hull for Skookumchuck MkIII, we are offering our upper year team members to explore the use of groundbreaking techniques and high-tech materials such as carbon fibre.

These new methods of composite use will be showcased and presented to industry partner events including SNAME’s Student Conference, APEGBC’s E-Fest, JumpStart’s Faculty Social, Imagine Day, and several faculty outreach events and presentations.

With this upper-year project, we attracted the mentors necessary to run a team that will ensure the longevity of our team. Upper-year students are able to practice new skills and help first-year students train their design and manufacturing skills. Overall, this project benefits the 46 members of SUBC.