Weather Balloon Tests


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How the program has supported you

The program allowed us to buy several space rated components that require testing at the high altitudes this project is designed to go. It also allowed camera module components, reaction wheels components to be purchased for design creation and prototyping. Although delays due to vendors prevented this test and the aircraft test from taking off, designs for both projects are finished thanks to the funding provided.


An incredibly detailed design outlining the camera module, structural jig that holds the camera module, and deployment and re-entry procedures for the tests was created. This gave several members valuable experience designing delicate components on SolidWorks, and allowed them to prototype several pieces. Parts were also used to prototype reaction wheels which required a fair amount of calculations and coding since all 3 axis and pitches need to be accounted for. Several members now possess amateur radio licenses due to the ability to purchase communications equipment that was used for prototyping aswell. It is a very valuable license to have.