Canadian Mining Games (2019)

Amount of funding awarded


How the program has supported you

The professional activities fund has provided strong financial support for the UBC Mining Games team this year to be able to participate in this year’s competition. Without support from the professional activities fund, there would be a significant financial burden that could have prevented the team from competing this year. Industry engagement and community building are two of the many pillars which play a critical role for student success in the mining industry. Additionally, the competition provides a medium for students to showcase and demonstrate their prowess in various facets of the mining engineering undergraduate curriculum to members of industry as well as students representing other academic institutions. This year’s second place finish overall marks the fourth podium finish for the UBC Mining department over the last four years, establishing UBC Mining Engineering as a top-tier mining education program within Canada.


The major outcomes of the UBC Mining Games competition include the opportunity to compete among twelve major mining engineering departments across Canada. This includes the opportunity for students to display their talent and skills against top-tier students in various competitions that encompass the undergraduate learning objectives of a mining engineering program. Additionally, students are exposed to a competitive environment in solving issues directly related to real problems faced in industry. There are also several opportunities throughout the competition to engage and network with students as well as industry sponsors over the duration of the competition, including industry-sponsored dinners, engagement sessions, and a career fair. This helps to foster engagement between the university and industry, which helps in development and improvement of education in the mining engineering program and assists students in evaluating their progress and skill relative to their peers at other academic institutions.