Travel & Conferences

Travel and Conference funding is available to individuals or groups attending conferences or attending field trips. If you are hosting a conference, please apply as a Project.

Funding is awarded on a per-trip basis, as per the guidelines below. Funding is awarded on a rolling basis and applications will be accepted as long as there are funds in the Travel and Conferences PAF funding pool. Funding will be allocated from the funding pool belonging to the year that the conference or trip takes place, regardless of when applications are received.

Applications may be submitted after the conference or trip has taken place; however, funding is never guaranteed until an application is processed and approved. It takes approximately three weeks to process an application. If the applicant chooses to apply less than three weeks before the conference or trip, or post-conference or trip, the applicant risks not receiving funding and as a result should consider alternative funding options.

Eligibility criteria:

  • All of the general PAF eligibility criteria as described on the cover page
  • Individuals may not receive PAF T+C funding for more than five applications within the PAF fiscal cycle
  • A complete roster of those attending the travel/conference must be provided before the application will be considered.

This funding category is divided into three sub-categories:

Representative: Students shall apply to this category if they are representing UBC Engineering in an independently organized event. Examples of funding that would fall under this category include participation in a competition, voting on behalf of UBC-Vancouver, or presenting research at a conference.

Non-Representative: This category is for students seeking professional development opportunities as a participant, whether through trips, conferences, or other means. Examples include annual meetings of professional chapters or technical conferences with no presentation component.

Year Trip: This category is for travel opportunities that are restricted to a particular discipline and/or to students in a certain year level. Examples of this include graduate trips which include site visits to industry partners. It is expected that these trips can garner more support from industry sponsors.

Funding Calculation:

For more information, please refer to the Professional Activities Fund Guidelines.

Application Procedures

  1. Prepare your application responses using the T&C APPLICATION PDF as a reference.
  2. Complete the PAF T&C BUDGET TEMPLATE and prepare supplementary documents if you are applying for the Representative category.
  3. Complete the T&C SUBMISSION FORM. Note that you cannot submit a completed version of the PDF itself, you will be required to submit through the form.

Travel & Conferences applications are accepted on an on-going basis and approved at the discretion of the PAF Coordinator and EUS VP Finance. If you have any questions about your application, contact us at