PAF 2019-20

3d printed gearing protype

Snowbots Mars Rover

Snowbots is a robotics team with an Autonomous driving past moving forward to a future of creating Mars Rovers.
This rover has a robotic arm, and autonomous and remote mode, each with the ability to navigate difficult terrain.
CIRC is our planned end goal.

IGEN Alumni Night

IGEN Alumni Night

The annual Integrated Engineering Alumni Night is an off-campus networking event with current and past IGEN students.

Team members preparing "Stingray" for a test flight

UBC AeroDesign Advanced Class

This project aims to design and build an RC aircraft to compete in the 2020 SAE Aero Design West competition. The Advanced Class mission is to deploy and support a “Mars colony” through the delivery of “‘colonists”, “water supplies” and “habitats”.

Night 2 of the Pro-D workshop

IGEN Pro-D Event Term 1

Resume and Cover Letter Workshop for current students, run by upper years and alumni. As well small events with students and industry that has reached out to IGEN and are specifically looking for private events.

Carrying "Bye-Plane" towards it's maiden voyage

UBC AeroDesign Regular Class

The UBC AeroDesign Regular Class project aims to design and build an RC airplane to compete in the 2020 SAE Aero Design West competition. The goal of this division is to successfully fly with as much cargo as possible given a fixed power input.

Flapjack Hull Mold

SUBC-Rajiform Scale Model Testing Platform

This is a small scale prototype of UBC SUBC’s new submarine for 2020 European International Submarine Race, named Flapjack.

Photo courtesy of the European International Submarine Races

SUBC Human Powered Submarine for eISR 2020

Icarus is SUBC’s human-powered submarine for the 2020 European International Submarine Races. As our first non-propeller submarine, Icarus uses biomimetic manta-ray-based wings for propulsion. Icarus has achieved its goal of being the top non-propeller submarine worldwide in design and hopes to be at the top of the eISR CFD competition.

M2M prototypes being tested

UBC BEST – Music 2 Movement (M2M)

M2M has been working on developing prototypes for stroke-patient rehabilitation using music therapy. The devices incorporated visual, haptic and auditory feedback to engage the user and improve the performance of physical movements of the hand.

Autonomous Sailboat Raye

Autonomous Sailboat Raye

Raye is UBC Sailbot’s second large fully-autonomous vessel designed to sail the Vic-Maui Yacht Race course. The Vic-Maui Yacht Race is a 2300 nautical mile challenge that occurs every two years with participants sailing from Victoria, BC to Maui, Hawaii. Raye will be the first fully autonomous sailboat to race ths course.

Team photo on the first casting day 2020

UBC Concrete Canoe

UBC Concrete Canoe is a 100% student-run design team. Each year, our team of sixty designs, builds, and races a 20-foot long concrete canoe at two different competitions, against teams all across North America.