Claim Your Funding

Congratulations! We trust that the funds you’ve been awarded will allow you to develop skills and competency in areas that you otherwise may not have had the opportunity.

As a successful recipient, here are your next steps:

Deadline for 2022/2023 PAF Claims: August 31, 2023

All PAF Claims must be submitted by the date noted above. Claims can be submitted retroactively. A PAF Final Report must be submitted online via the PAF website or you will forfeit the opportunity to receive future funding from PAF.

*New Finance Policy Regarding the 60 Day Rule Below (Effective January 12, 2023)*

Due to the extenuating circumstances with PAF this year, APSC Finance has made an exception to the 60-day policy for PAF claims.

Teams need to submit out-of-pocket PAF claims (i.e., purchases made with personal funds) made from September 1, 2022 to January 1, 2023 by April 30, 2023 as per the process below. PAF purchases made after January 1, 2023 must adhere to the 60-day submission policy.

Please note that this exception only applies to purchases made using PAF funding and during the period noted above.

Policy for Expense Claims Submission (Effective May 1, 2022)

To ensure student groups will claim & receive reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses within a reasonable timeframe, and to promote financial feasibility and sustainability for student groups, APSC is implementing the following finance policy for reimbursement submission:

Effective May 1, 2022, all out-of-pocket expense claims need to be submitted for reimbursement within 60 days of the invoice/shipping date. This policy applies to expenses claimed through all student group accounts in Applied Science (e.g. Departmental & APSC Accounts, PAF, etc.) and in conjunction with the PAF policy.

  • For PAF, August 31st will still be the deadline to claim 2021/2022 PAF funding for purchases made and fully completed*. This includes:
    • Out-of-Pocket expenses – Paid by team members claiming reimbursement for PAF Funding
    • Third Party Reimbursement – Expenses paid or already reimbursed from Student Teams’ UBC accounts (speedchart account) or AMS account. (e.g. purchases ordered from ECE store, other UBC stores, or purchases paid by team members already reimbursed from UBC account/AMS account, etc.).

*Fully Completed refers to purchases already paid for (itemized receipt along with proof of payment) and shipped. Students should plan ahead for order arrangements. Please contact APSC Finance if you have any questions about the reimbursement process.

** For out-of-pocket purchases made before May 1, 2022, you can claim these expenses by June 30, 2022.**

Submitting PAF Claims

1. Keep track of your spending and your original, itemized receipts.

Submit expense claims within 60 days from the invoice/shipping date. We would prefer if you submit receipts as you spend money through the year. We encourage you to submit a claim form once a month. Digital scanned copy of itemized receipts are acceptable. You can destroy the original receipts after you have received your reimbursement fund. Contact with your PAF reference code to monitor your PAF balance.

Examples of qualified supporting documents for reimbursement to avoid payment delayed:

  • Or Shipping confirmation with order details & amount + proof of payment (credit card slip, bank statement, screenshot of the bank transaction, etc.)

2. Fill out a PAF Claim Form (Updated May 11th, 2022)

    • Indicate your Reference Code.
    • Ensure digital scanned or picture itemized receipts are complete, legible, and separated. Adhesive note, itemized receipt, and credit card slip should be scanned individual or should be separated within a same picture.
    • Primary applicant must approve and sign on claim form. E-signatures should be sign (not print/type) with software (e.g. Adobe). Copy and paste e-signature images on the PAF claim form are NOT accepted.
          • If signing tool/software is unavailable, manual process can be used. Physically signed claim form to be dropped off at APSC Finance or email physically signed claim form to APSC Finance (image from phone device or PDF will be acceptable).
          • If claim form will be submitted by someone else (non-claimant), claimants must sign the claim form (physical or digital signature) to provide their consent to confirm all purchases are eligible and in compliance.
          • E-signature examples:
    • Expenses in a foreign currency, identify the exchange rate used by attaching evidence such as a credit card statement.
    • A credit card statement is not acceptable as receipts but may be submitted in conjunction with the invoice/receipt as proof of payment.
    • Ensure to provide full address (street address, city, and postal code) and select the correct payment method. Two accepted payment method: Cheque or Direct Deposit. If direct deposit is the preferred payment method, ensure to update banking information in SSC prior to submit your claims.
    • Ensure to read instruction and note on each section in the PAF Claim form to avoid incomplete form to be returned to claimant.
    • Purchases need to be fully completed. Fully Completed refers to purchases already paid for (itemized receipt along with proof of payment) and shipped.
    • Submit completed and approved claim forms to for reimbursement process. Refer to #3 below if you prefer to drop off your claim forms.

3. Drop off your Claim Form

Claims may be dropped off at the front desk in Room 5000 of the Kaiser Building (office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm) or mailed to:

Finance, Dean’s Office
Faculty of Applied Science
5000-2332 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

If you have any questions regarding your claims, please email