PAF 101

The Professional Activities Fund (PAF) exists to enhance professional development activities in the engineering undergraduate program at UBC Vancouver. It is designed to support co-curricular activities and projects that lie outside of, yet are complementary to, the engineering curriculum. All PAF funded activities must be in support of this mandate.


PAF is divided into three categories:

  1. Annual Faculty Requests
  2. Travel & Conferences
  3. Projects

Use this flow chart to determine your PAF category.


Please view Professional Activities Fund Guidelines which provides in depth information on PAF’s guiding principles.  This document is updated on a yearly basis, with input from the Faculty as well as the EUS and students.


For a detailed breakdown of eligibility requirements, please visit the Eligibility page.

General Funding Criteria 

  • The activity:
    • Cannot receive funding through more than one category of PAF.
    • Must be run and organized by students and have a clear goal.
    • Must lie outside the engineering curriculum.
    • Must be directly related to the field of engineering.
    • Must support the professional development of engineering students.

Project-specific Funding Criteria

For the project to be eligible for PAF funding, they must meet the additional following criteria:

  • Project members must consist of at least 75% current engineering students.
  • Must not budget for carryover into future years.
  • Organizations may only be granted funding for up to 5 PAF projects per year.