Deciding Bodies

The PAF Advisory Committee was established to recommend student-initiated, short-term activities to the Dean for funding. The Committee is directly engaged in the consideration of funding for student projects.

PAF is governed by a central PAF governance body, to be called the PAF Governance Board. This Board is responsible for the overall direction and funding of PAF, and for overseeing any structural changes to the Fund. In addition, the PAF Governance Board shall prepare an annual report about the activities of the fund for the Student Advisory Council (SAC). The Board comprises of:

  • The Dean of Applied Science (ex-officio)
  • The Associate Dean, Education and Professional Development (ex-officio)
  • Two Applied Science Faculty members appointed by the Dean or designate
  • The EUS President (ex-officio)
  • The EUS VP Finance (ex-officio)
  • Two student-at-large, to be appointed by the EUS
  • The APSC Finance Manager (ex-officio, non-voting)
  • The PAF Coordinator (ex-officio, non-voting)

All decisions of the Board shall be made with a majority (50%+1) vote.

Under the PAF Governance Board are three main funding areas:

  1. Annual Faculty Requests
  2. Travel & Conferences
  3. Projects