Student Eligibility Regulations

  1. All applicants must be UBC engineering undergraduate students in good standing at the time of the application, and during the period of the project itself. The project itself may involve students outside of the undergraduate engineering population, but PAF funding will not cover their participation in the project. A list of confirmed student beneficiaries is required to receive funding.
  2. Applications will be accepted from Engineering students, student groups or clubs affiliated with the UBC Vancouver Faculty of Applied Science. Applications will NOT be accepted from faculty members, staff, or off-campus organizations, or from UBC students applying on behalf of off-campus organizations.
  3. Each PAF-funded applicant is required to submit a brief final report that summarizes the outcomes of their event/project/travel as per the deadlines presented on the PAF website. Students who do not submit a Final Report will not be eligible for funding for the next PAF year.
  4. Funds that remain unspent must be returned to the Fund Committee.
  5. If awarded PAF funds, applicants understand they are ambassadors of both UBC and the Faculty of Applied Science, and as such, agree to behave in a manner suitable to representing the University. If applicants do not abide to acting in a professional manner, they will not be reimbursed PAF funds.

 Funding Eligibility Regulations

  1. Student applicants MUST meet eligibility regulations as listed in Student Eligibility Regulations
  2. Applications must support co-curricular activities and projects that lie outside, but yet are
    complementary to, the engineering curriculum. No curriculum-based activities are eligible for funding.
  3. Applications must be received before the application deadline.
  4. The event or travel must occur within the PAF fiscal year (September 1st – August 31st).
  5. Students should be aware that Project applications by individuals on their own behalf are rarely, if ever, funded. Greater consideration will be granted to applications that benefit a greater number of the student body, directly or indirectly.  Project examples of indirect benefit to students could include:
  • Establishing relationships between UBC Engineering and institutions or companies
  • Representing UBC by giving a presentation at a conference
  • Anything that would result in positive media attention for UBC Engineering
  • Giving a talk at UBC to share what you have learned with other students.
  1. Applications should not be reliant on solely PAF funding: it is expected that students will secure additional sources of funding. Additional funding solicited and secured must be noted in the completed application to support their proposal.
  2. Please note the following restrictions on funding:
  • No student salaries/wages/coop fees shall be reimbursed by PAF funds.
  • Meal costs are considered normal living expenses and therefore will not be considered for reimbursement.
  • No alcoholic beverages shall be reimbursed through PAF funds.
  • Where vehicle mileage is claimed, standard UBC rates shall apply. Each car should have a minimum of four people (three plus driver) in order to receive the full mileage amount.
  1. Please note the following requirements regarding field trips:
    • The trip is non-curricular
    • The trip is student-run
    • The trip has industry funding[1]
    • PAF will only match industry funding, to a cap of $10,000
    • Note: Please see regulation #13, UBC Policy 69: Student Safety Abroad.
  1. Travel and Conferences and Field trip funding will be allocated based on the region of travel, duration of the conference or trip, and conference fees.
  2. Engineering projects and design teams are funded to a maximum of $20,000/group or team, which includes travel.
  3. For all students travelling outside of Canada, it is required that you register your travel plans with the University through the Go Global Office. For more information, see UBC Policy 69: Student Safety Abroad: http://www.universitycounsel.ubc.ca/policies/policy69.pdf

[1] “Industry funding” refers to any funding that is external to UBC. Students are encouraged to seek funds from industry via direct contact with them, and not via industry funds given to the University. (UBC funding, e.g. Walter Gage and  APSC  Shell Fund, are not eligible for consideration as matching funds from industry and do not apply)