PAF Guidelines

Your number one stop for PAF questions! The PAF Guidelines are governing rules of PAF, and includes all eligibility requirements, assessment criteria, and timelines.

PAF Governance Committee

PAF is governed by a central PAF governance body. This Committee is responsible for:

  • Ensuring compliance with the mandate of PAF
  • Overseeing governance changes to the Fund including but not limited to the PAF eligibility requirements, membership of governance structures, authority to allocate funds, and categories of funding available
  • Setting annual envelops for funding categories
  • Approving disbursement of funds upon recommendation from the Funding Committee

In addition, the PAF Governance Board shall prepare an annual report about the activities of the fund for the Student Advisory Council (SAC).

Governance Committee Membership:

  • The Dean of Applied Science (ex-officio, co-chair)
  • The Associate Dean, Education and Professional Development (ex-officio, co-chair)
  • Three Applied Science Faculty members appointed by the Dean
  • The EUS President (ex-officio, co-chair)
  • The EUS VP Finance (ex-officio, co-chair)
  • Three students-at-large, to be appointed by the EUS
  • The APSC Finance Manager (non-voting)
  • The PAF Coordinator (non-voting)
  • APSC EDT Coordinator (non-voting)
  • APSC Student Professional Development Officer (non-voting)
  • Director, Experiential Learning and Academic Services (non-voting)

Co-chairs may appoint designates.

All decisions of the Board shall be made with a majority (50%+1) vote and require a quorum of three, including at least one faculty member and one student. Decisions may be made via email vote if an in-person meeting is not possible. Email votes must be open for at least one week. Non-replies shall count as abstentions.

Dates and Deadlines

Please note that these are firm deadlines. Contact us for any inquiries.